About Wesley Barrett Fine Arts

Wesley Barrett Fine Arts is the collaborative undertaking of two collectors with over sixty years of combined academic, professional, and collecting experience. You are the beneficiary of our combined passion for discovering artistic treasures we still cherish, but are now offering for sale at affordable prices. Although our focus is vintage 20th century American modernist movements, schools, and styles, our eclectic collection covers other countries and eras as well.

Many art lovers believe that only the wealthy can afford original and collectible fine art; the type of art that will likely increase in value and be cherished for generations to come. Thus, they often mistakenly believe they can only afford inexpensive reproductions of artwork, rather than shopping for and purchasing original art. You know what we mean--the real thing.

Wesley Barrett Fine Arts was founded on the principle that there is a wide swath of under-appreciated 20th century American artists whose works still sell for reasonable prices. More importantly, we believe the artistic quality of such works is much higher than is currently reflected in their market prices. And since the modern era of American art provides such a broad range of aesthetics and styles, you are likely to find something you like and can afford.

Thus, the overriding focus and mission for our online gallery is a simple one: "Authentic Art for All."