Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Do you guarantee the authenticity of all items you sell?
Absolutely and unconditionally.
And to reduce the risk of making authentication mistakes, we only buy from reputable sources. If there is ever any doubt about the authenticity of an item, we do not buy it.  We also complete very careful research before offering any item for sale in our store.
Nevertheless, if you sincerely believe we have misrepresented anything you buy from Wesley Barrett Fine Arts, we will either refund the full purchase price or adjust the purchase price accordingly (based upon your desire to either return or keep the item).  Because we are genuinely committed to maintaining fully satisfied customers.  Our motivation is to always enhance the prospect of future sales to you and other potential customers that you might be willing to direct our way.
(2) Do you have a location where I can view the Wesley Barrett Fine Arts Gallery collection in person?
Not yet.  And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our original plans have changed. Please sign up for our newsletter and you will be the first to know once we open a "brick & mortar" location to view the highlights of our collection.
We do offer person-to-person Zoom sessions if you would like a "live" viewing of any item, or to answer any questions about it.