Shipping Costs & Policies

COSTS. The shipping cost calculated during checkout is a discounted UPS Ground rate quoted by Shopify Shipping based on our estimate of the item’s “dimensional weight.” (For Canadian customers, the rates quoted are for UPS Standard service.) This quote is intended to be the lowest available cost for shipping the item to your designated address. Please note it does not include confirmation of delivery by signature.

If you would prefer to use a different carrier (e.g., FedEx) or pay for a higher level of service (e.g., Next Day Air), please complete these two steps:

  1. Finish your checkout by paying for the item and the quoted shipping cost; and
  2. Immediately contact our Director of Shipping at and request the preparation of a custom Shipping Invoice covering the shipping options of your choice. Be sure to include the following information in your request:
  • If UPS is not suitable, your preferred carrier (i.e., FedEx or USPS);
  • If UPS Ground is an insufficient level of service, please specify the enhanced level of service you require (e.g., Next Day Air); and
  • Any additional services (e.g., confirmation of delivery by signature).

If the cost of your augmented shipping services exceeds the amount you have already paid for shipping, we will send you a Shipping Invoice in reply to your request quoting the amount in excess. Upon payment of this Shipping Invoice, we will timely pack and ship your purchase pursuant to the terms you have specified.

POLICIES.  To help ease concerns about the cost of shipping, please consider two facts regarding the amount Wesley Barrett Fine Arts will charge you for shipping:

  1. Such costs will never include the cost of handling or professionally packing the items you purchase.  Any costs associated with that aspect of your purchase are covered by the purchase price.
  2. The amount our Director of Shipping will quote for any augmented shipping services will be the actual amount quoted by the shipper that you select.  In other words, any shipping costs that you pay for will simply be the amount required to cover our out-of-pocket costs for such services.  There will be no markup of any shipping costs.

Lastly, we insure all items and thereby bear all risk-of-loss caused by the shipper as the item is in route for delivery. However, once the shipper confirms delivery of your package, please take immediate action to secure its delivery. We have found a video doorbell to be a very effective method for securing doorstep deliveries.